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Wonderful Interior Little Haven

Searching for a new car for my husband we found ourselves amidst the array of car garages in Penarth Road, Cardiff.  It was raining and the outside forecourts were full of stock from the more economical vehicle to the wonders and opulence of Bentley.  As we wandered getting wetter, but enjoying some child free time, […]

Embracing the Olympic Spirit

I am not a sports fan but I do love the Olympics, there is something about the spirit of the games that’s hypnotic. I find myself watching sports whenever I get the opportunity, which trust me in our household is unheard of.  We watched the opening ceremony last night, this fantastic production culminated in the […]

The Art of Design – Craig Steely Architecture

Whilst researching fascinating architecture, dream homes and interior design I discovered the San Francisco Architect Craig Steely.  Scrolling through his portfolio of work I was amazed by the varying styles, the way he takes risks with shapes and how he utilises different materials.  Who is Craig Steely? He received his architecture degree from Cal Poly, […]

The Forbidden City – Chinese Imperial Architecture

I remember watching the film The Last Emperor and falling in love with The Forbidden City.  Chinese Architecture has always fascinated me since that moment and it was my dream to visit China.  So when it came to choosing a honeymoon destination 5 years ago we decided to forgo the beach and have a holiday of […]

Inspirational, Celebration, CMI

Yesterday I have the most amazing day, full of inspiration and one of those lifetime experiences you will never forget.  I can’t believe how much my life has changed over the last 12 months and a lot of it is down to joining the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Last April I joined CMI as I […]

Rightmove: Behind the Scenes

The Rightmovecrush team were invited to Rightmove Towers, myself @rightmoveaddict, Emma @Agency Express, Mick @Mickelous and Rich @Whiskeyrich, sadly Rich was unable to join us. The day began in a blur, I knew I had to get Sammy to nursery, hubby off to work all a lot earlier than normal.  As we were trying to […]

Gadget Show Live 2012

I headed to the NEC today with mixed feelings, I had been slightly disappointed with the Gadget Show Live last year and hoped that things had changed.  I am not a gamer or an avid technogeek but I do like a gadget or two.  I felt this year there was a fantastic mix of gadgets […]