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The Fusion of Books and Design

Many libraries are built in wonderfully designed buildings, and many bookshops are now following suit.  Walking in to a library in a stunning historic building feels haunting as though the books are speaking their stories and the walls are whispering theirs.  There is something romantic about books, the way they feel and smell.  Combine a […]

Inspirational, Celebration, CMI

Yesterday I have the most amazing day, full of inspiration and one of those lifetime experiences you will never forget.  I can’t believe how much my life has changed over the last 12 months and a lot of it is down to joining the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Last April I joined CMI as I […]

The Changing Workplace

Over the last few weeks I have been hearing a lot about different working environments.  What do I mean? Life is very different than it was say 10 years ago, technology has moved on at such at rapid rate so why have many companies failed to move forward also? There are many working models that […]

“I Didn’t Know my Own Strength”, Surviving Bullying

A song title from the late Whitney Houston but some of the lyrics I can so relate to: I didn’t know my own strength And I crashed down and I tumbled but I did not crumble I got through all the pain I didn’t know my own strength Survived my darkest hour, my faith kept […]

Inspiring Lyrics

Driving home tonight I was playing my tunes loudly and singing along, I realised that the songs I was listening too all had inspiring lyrics.  We all listen to different music depending on our moods, I know I have specific songs that I listen to that dust off my troubles, make me smile, get me […]