Hi I am Andrea Morgan the self confessed Rightmove Addict.


I started this blog with the purpose for sharing all my wide range of interests but instead how these things do it has had a life of its own.  “Trying to Balance the Madness” not only shares my passions but it has also become a personal journey.

Who Am I? – The Facts

  • I am a northerner having grown up in a village on the outskirts of a small town called Glossop.
  • I am a mum to 2 year old Sammy (who I talk about a lot on twitter)
  • I am married to Chris – who wont mind me saying – is an I.T Geek
  • I love theatre, especially musicals and dance
  • As we all know I have a Passion for Property
  • I have moved house close to 30 times
  • I lived in Spain for 3 years
  • My sister calls me half pint, yes I am not the tallest of individuals
  • I believe things happen for a reason
When you believe a thing, believe it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably. Walt Disney

@RightmoveAddict is just me and where I like to share my passion for property

A Passion for Homes - Full logo-01

My Dream is coming true as I have turned my passion for property into a business with my good friend Jo.  A Passion for Homes is an inspirational, aspirational & interactive website for people passionate about property, homes & design.



I am always looking for stunning properties, interiors and furnishings to showcase on my blog.  No matter where in the world you are based why not get in touch: andrea@solofx.co.uk

The Homes We Love – The Personal Side of Property

If you love property why not take a look http://thehomeswelove.wordpress.com/



  1. Spot-on Andrea. I like your blog! Looking forward to exploring.

    1. Thank you so much Mary, that really means a lot.

  2. Hi Andrea

    I work for AB Property Marketing -we do PR for several UK and overseas property companies. Just wondered if you would like to see the occasional stunning home for sale?

    If you would pleases let me have an email address and I will stay in touch.



  3. Thanks for the shout out on the kitchen pantry design! I just noticed your reference to one of my completed projects in your blog (kitchen pantry design, etc). Feel free to check out my website for more inspiring images. I’m trying to upload as they’re finished. Hope your design adventures are going well! Leslie Stephens, interior designer, Richmond, VA. http://www.lesliestephensdesign.com

  4. Jo Gilson · · Reply

    You’ve followed your dreams and not many people do that. Turning what you love into a career only means one thing, success!

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