Wonderful Interior Little Haven

Searching for a new car for my husband we found ourselves amidst the array of car garages in Penarth Road, Cardiff.  It was raining and the outside forecourts were full of stock from the more economical vehicle to the wonders and opulence of Bentley.  As we wandered getting wetter, but enjoying some child free time, we spotted three interiors stores.  There they stood in a new warehouse style retail block, 3 stores each with their own character and style, each with a wealth of fantastic products on display.  We must have looked a sight, two drowned rats trudging round these elegant stores but we were made to feel so welcome.

The first was Living Life, bespoke bedrooms, bathrooms and log burners.
Living Life is proud to offer products and lifestyle solutions for people of all ages and abilities.

As you walk in you are met with wonderful log burners, I could have sat by one to keep warm and dry off.

IMG_2519 IMG_2520 IMG_2522

My husband loved these wall lights


I think one thing that really struck me about this store was the thoughtful way that bathrooms for all were stunningly styled and shown side by side.

IMG_2526 IMG_2528 IMG_2524

IMG_2527 IMG_2525 IMG_2523

Living Life    @LivingLifeCard

FW Home Stores

This next store offers a wondrous mixture of furniture and accessories.  We met Martin who was so helpful and kind to us on a cold wet Friday early evening.    The store have some lovely pieces but surprise surprise my eye was drawn to the lighting.

IMG_2532 IMG_2534

I also liked these two pieces of wall art.

IMG_2533 IMG_2535


And so to the final store.

Benjamin’s Interiors Beautiful furniture for Beautiful Homes

This store is full of exquisite pieces your eye is forever drawn to something new.  I could have spent hours in this store soaking in the wealth of accessories and interesting pieces.  Here are some of my favourites.

IMG_2544 IMG_2542 IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2558 IMG_2556 IMG_2554 IMG_2553 IMG_2552 IMG_2551 IMG_2550 IMG_2549

Benjamin’s Interiors    @Benjaminsshop

It just goes to show you never know where or when you may find something special.

Thank you to all Living Life, FW Home Stores and Benjamin’s Interiors for their warm welcome.


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