A Truly Exceptional Lake House

Bright, superbly planned accommodation designed to take full advantage of its spectacular, secluded, and wonderfully peaceful lakeside setting. Lake House provides opulent, beautifully appointed family accommodation which is also ideally suited to entertaining on a grand scale.

This truly exceptional property doesn’t need a long description, I will let the photos do the talking.

lake_29_MedRes lake_30_MedRes lake_31_MedRes

lake_25_MedRes lake_27_MedRes lake_28_MedRes lake_32_MedRes lake_34_MedRes lake_35_MedRes lake_36_MedRes lake_39_MedRes lake_40_MedRes Lakehouse Haslemere-17984 Lakehouse Haslemere-18042 Lakehouse Haslemere-18071 Lakehouse Haslemere-18092 Lakehouse Haslemere-18095 lake_24_MedRes lake_23_MedRes lake_22_MedRes lake_21_MedRes lake_20_MedRes lake_19_MedRes lake_16_MedRes lake_13_MedRes lake_10_MedRes lake_08_MedRes lake_07_MedRes lake_01_MedRes Lake Cottage3 Lake Cottage1 Lake Cottage 9 Lake Cottage 7

With Kind Permission from Hamptons International

Property Details  @Hamptons_PR  @hamptons_ch



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