All I want for Christmas is You

“Holidays are Coming, Holidays are coming”, I absolutely love christmas.  I am the person who watches Miracle on 34th Street and makes an ‘I Believe’ sign.  Who wants to decorate as early as possible, whose parents still say ‘don’t ring before ….’ I am the person who nearly passes out with excitement when entering a Christmas shop and the person who still believes Christmas is a time of magic.  So as you can imagine I love Christmas accessories and decorations here are some of my favourite finds so far this year.

We Wish You… Christmas Cushion, Red
John Lewis

Red And White Reversible Knitted Throw
Graham Green

Christmas Tree Tealight Mobile
Graham Green

Reindeer Noses
A Personal Touch

Waiting For Santa Coir Door Mat
John Lewis

Personalised Gift Tag Rubber Stamp
Not on the High Street

Children’s Angel Wings
Graham Green

Nordic Collection Candles

Personalised Christmas Sack
Not on the High Street

Metal House Tealight Holder
John Lewis

Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Christmas Wall Plaque
John Lewis


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