Saratoga Creek House, defined by a dynamic mix of materials

Carefully sited among very large existing Oak trees, this house is defined by a series of inter-connected vaulted roof structures.  Courtyards and outdoor spaces unite house and landscape.  The pool and adjoining patio step down to a large grassland area to the north.  A modern palette of materials enhance the strong presence of the house as it sits in its lush surroundings.  Natural stone, concrete, plaster, and walnut wood are some other materials that make up the dynamic mix of materials on the interior.

WA Design

WA design is an architecture firm established in 1985 by David Stark Wilson, AIA. Our design philosophy emphasizes the inter-relationship of building and site. Each design begins as a considered response to a set of criteria dictated by the site and client. Although progressive in approach, our designs draw heavily on the vernacular building of the area in which we are working. Ordering principles for a given project borrow from their context and often metaphorically relate to the natural landscape. This connects our buildings to their specific site and circumstance in a meaningful way.


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