Amazing Architectural New York Penthouse

‘An amazing architectural space with floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows, providing incredible light to this penthouse in the heart of Tribeca.

With the designer’s instinctive implementation of Feng Shui in all of her designs, she incorporated fundamental Feng Shui principles, the five natural elements and the concept of yin and yang to create the lay out that would bring in the perfect energy flow.

Beautiful wood floorings, numerous light sources, clean lines, combination of straight and curvy shapes, vibrant colors, metal, white and glass pieces and modern art pieces create an interesting gallery which gives this space its unique “eclat”’

A glass table, simple leather white chairs and a horizontal crystal chandelier are the highlights of this space. Glass allows the room to feel spacious. The cowhide rug provides an unexpected accent. And the chandelier adds glimmer to any dining experience. The artwork is the eye catcher that can be admired from every angle of the room.
The sectional sofa takes center stage in this open living space. The designer created a comfortable, fun and eclectic seating area giving ample space to gather with friends and family.  A startling accent over arches the sofa. The silver arc lamp introduces another architectural dimension into the space, accentuating the grandeur of the space. Concealed within the continuity of the dining room,…
Simple, modern and practical with its wood, metal and glass cabinets and appliances, the kitchen matches the decor perfectly. The white leather stools mimic the trendy dining leather chairs.
Bold and vivid colors adorn the master bedroom accent wall. A” Rocky mountain sky” blue sets the background for Dan Christensen’s grandiose piece of art.
That black headboard puts a coma to introduce the sketch ink and pearl bedding ensemble. Sprinkles of blue adorn the room in the upholstered bench, pillows and cushions.
A deep bath tub, earth tone tiles, a teak bench and the blue colors of the art piece called “Stumped in motion” all inspire a day of relaxation.
The Foyer showcases the “Ovoid”sculpture by artist John Richard, keeping the modern spirit throughout the apartment and introducing an eclectic feel with the silver and white zebra rug and “vishnu” mirror.
Adorning the corridor, on the right the piece “Vocal inflections” by Artist Jerard Ripley is perfectly reflected in the pair of infinity narrow mirrors.
This teenager’s bedroom presents a warm and whimsical theme with its lavender and cream stripe wall matching the bedding ensemble.
This bathroom showcases warm tones marble tiles and a oak cabinetry. The fun art piece “Dandelion” by Parvez Taj is reflected dresses the opposite wall of the vanity, adding a whimsical touch.
Photographer: Scott Morris

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