This Property is Utterly Breath-Taking

‘Designed to accommodate a large extended multi-generational family, this home provides a resort-like environment encouraging the return of adult children and their families, while maintaining a private retreat zone for the clients. Sited upon a large, relatively steep north facing hillside, the plan opens in two directions to project south light throughout the home, and provide views back to the adjacent hills. Antique-and reclaimed building materials were used throughout to establish an authentic character at a core level, including antique fireplaces, beams, flooring, doors, cobbles, stone window surrounds, and other artifacts.’

Thank you to Don Ziebell for the kind permission to share this exceptional property.

P R O J E C T   I N F O :

Oz Team:
Don Ziebell, Principal
Gene Kniaz, Principal, Project Architect
Zahir Poonawalla
Adam Hertel
Keith Zollman

Linthicum Custom Builders

Interior Design:
David Michael Miller Associates

Werner Segarra

Landscape Architect:
Arcadia Studio (Puck Erickson)

Creative Designs in Lighting

Pearson Engineering Associates, Inc.

BDB Engineering Co., LLC

Zee Engineering Group, LLC

Grenier Engineering, Inc.



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