Kitchen Pantry Envy

If I could change one thing in my house I would love a bigger kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong my kitchen isn’t tiny but it isn’t a good size either and I constantly struggle with storage.  So when I look at many of these dream homes I have complete pantry envy.  The amount of storage is unbelievable and I just sigh deeply with the thought of having such a space and how I would ‘play nice’ putting things into spaces.  So if you are like me and dream of having some super storage then take a deep breath and sigh and let the envy begin.


  1. I was quite happy with my kitchen…until I read this. Now, I’m going to spend the whole day wondering which one I love the most and where I could possibly find the space – is it wrong to get rid of a bedroom and swap it for a pantry!!

  2. I have massive pantry envy. I can’t possibly choose my favourite…

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