This property keeps me wanting to know more

Church Road Residence, Villanova, Pennsylvania
This is certainly one of those properties that made me want to keep looking.  With its beautiful floors, bold colour statements and wonderful little nooks and crannies it keeps me wanting to know more.
“When an opportunity to own 14 acres in the historic Ardrossan estate in Villanova came up, the family knew it would be a great opportunity to create a lasting contribution to the countryside near old Philadelphia. Conceived as homage to the gentleman farmer estates restored in the early 1900’s by famed Chester County architect R. Brognard Okie, this new property drew liberally from the examples of Quaker vernacular architecture that had been restored or created by Okie with his characteristic arts and crafts overlay of whimsy and creativity.”


  1. oh my this is amazing… gorgeous pics 🙂 xxx Cat

    1. I completely agree I just want to see more. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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