Love Your Garden

I stumbled upon the ITV programme Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh.  As we are in the midst of renovating our garden it caught my eye,  I watched in complete awe of how they achieved the final jaw dropping design.  It did give me a couple of ideas that I am planning to try and in a very small way to reproduce.  I sat down today and put pencil to paper and created a very basic garden design, my husband said he liked the little key I had drawn at the side – cheeky!  Strangely this is the first time I had sat and designed our garden, we had both discussed ideas at length, ripped things out, bought some decking but beyond that nothing.  As I sat drawing little shapes and really thinking about the design my creative juices started to flood, I started searching the internet for suppliers and I am confident and not daunted by the task ahead, because I have a plan.

I know my finished product will not be anything upto the standard of the professionals but I am excited that we are going to create a design that comes from us and will suit our family.  So while I go back to digging, building and painting take a look at these effortlessly designed landscapes. 



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