East Bedarra – luxury island retreat on the Great Barrier Reef

It’s summer holiday season and families all over the country are jetting off to sunnier climates.  My favourite Australian Luxury Property agent; @uniqueestates, I discovered also have a variety of scrumptious holiday rentals available.  Of course these are no ordinary rentals but their portfolio is full of the most stunning properties in breath taking locations.  This is certainly a ‘wish you were here’ moment.

‘Welcome to a place that rediscovers those forgotten rhythms of long days, romantic nights, and the promise of peace. Welcome to East Bedarra Island Retreat.

Escape to a tropical island, where rainforest meets reef and blue oceans caress unspoiled beaches. A private retreat and luxurious oasis, where love and romance are a celebration and nature is your host. Be seduced by tropical waters and bountiful corals that offer some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. Get lost in the beauty of an enchanting rainforest or retreat to your beach-front villa and be lulled into a dream by the stars.

The private, luxury villa accommodation for couples is set on one of Australia’s most coveted waterfront locations on the Great Barrier Reef. This is a contemporary setting in harmony with the island on which it lays.’



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