Find Me Somebody to Love – Dream Renovation Projects

Today’s #RightmoveCrush theme was ‘Find Me Somebody to Love’ – Dream Renovation Projects.  The theme was inspired by @decor_angels, she has fallen in love with a property that has not been lived in for 25 years and has been up for auction.  My husband and I have also seen a (mega lottery win required) dream renovation project of our own.  There is something so wonderful about the idea of bringing a beautiful property back to life and turning it into a home.  In a small way we all undertake this every time we move, as we put our own stamp on our home, add a sprinkle of our personality and a splashing of creativity.  Here is a selection of Dream Renovation Projects including our personal dream, sit back and let your creative juices flourish.

Character Property, Turnastone

Cowslip Green

Grade II Listed Victorian Church House & Hall

Blacksmiths Cottage

Fenway Cottage

Holme Farmhouse

Mill House

Our Dream Renovation Project – Ruperra Castle


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