A Stunning Home – Tree House

The Tree House was designed by well-known Charleston architect The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design. As a skilled residential architect, Anderson’s pride in craftsmanship, attention to detail and ability to translate the visions of his clients has resulted in a long list of repeat clients; and a portfolio of fine residential homes that elevates the business of building to the fine art of architecture.

“The owners of this home travel extensively and appreciate the great outdoors. Global travels shaped their desire for a home that embraces nature. The bridge connecting the sleeping and living structures allows cool ocean breezes to pass from the marsh to the front yard; decks and stairs to pool and terrace visually connect inside and out. Most walls from the street are solid, providing privacy, yet they open to rooms of glass, timber and soaring ceilings with views of Bass and Cinder Creeks and Folly Island.”

Photo Credit: Holger Hobenaus


  1. That’s just like the treehouse I had when I was a kid; well, not exactly; well, not even close. Oh well, I like the post, what a great house!

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment. Yes its a great house but a little different to a ‘Tree House’, glad you liked the post

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