The Lost, The Abandoned, The Beautiful

From city centres to secluded spots there is no rule when it comes to abandoned property.  I always wonder when I see such a building, if walls could talk how many stories could they tell about their owners.  But when and why do they become lost, become unloved and abandoned.  With many its down to money, not enough to mend that window, that roof, that wall.  They stand Majestic in their sittue, commanding their presence on the skyline, slowly decaying until they become lost.  How beautiful are they? how I long to restore them and give them the love that they deserve.

Beelitz Historic Military Hospital

Abandoned Mill, Sorrento

Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce

New Slains Castle

St. Agnes Church, Detroit

Tragic portraits from the decaying world of America’s industrial heartland.

City Methodist Church, Gary Indiana

Scarsdale Hall

See the beauty within.



  1. […] For more Abandoned buildings see my previous blog: The Lost, The Abandoned, The Beautiful […]

  2. Ths reminds me of my MSc Dissertation on Empty Historic Buildings: Why do they become empty, remain empty, and what can be done to bring them back into use. Old and historic buildings should be used as a focus for regeneration as, often, they offer one of the few assets and points of interest which some areas have.

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