The Fusion of Books and Design

Many libraries are built in wonderfully designed buildings, and many bookshops are now following suit.  Walking in to a library in a stunning historic building feels haunting as though the books are speaking their stories and the walls are whispering theirs.  There is something romantic about books, the way they feel and smell.  Combine a haunting building and the romanticism – you have a powerful equation.  In the age of the Kindle ,lets pay homage to the book.

The Long Room in the Trinity Library

Mafra National Palace Library

University Club Library, New York

Mitchell Library, Sydney, Australia

Seattle Public Library, Washington

U Delft Library, South Holland, Netherlands

The following is the personal library of Jay Walker, Internet entrepreneur

I love the way that these Book Stores are fusing contemporary design with their stores.

Poplar Kid’s Republic, Beijing, China

Livraria da Villa, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore by Merkx Girod Architecten

And this Espresso Cafe has used a Fake Library as the focus of their interior design.

So whenever your passing a library or book store remember their could be a design gem inside.

To see more Libraries, Book Stores and Fantastic Book Shelf ideas take a look at my board on Pinterest


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