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Yesterday I have the most amazing day, full of inspiration and one of those lifetime experiences you will never forget.  I can’t believe how much my life has changed over the last 12 months and a lot of it is down to joining the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Last April I joined CMI as I wanted to increase my professional development and thought the about of resources and support they offered was fantastic.  I attended my first CMI event in May, I remembered how nervous I was about going and was full of feelings of self-doubt.  The wonderful Karen Dancey, who put me at ease straight away, met me; little did I know that meeting Karen was the start of something bigger.

A couple of months later Karen recommended me to the South East Wales CMI Chair, Barbara Chidgey and by the September I was on the regional management team and working hard to raise the regions events on LinkedIn and Twitter.  In January the team took part in a pilot scheme for pinnacle accolade of Chartered Manager, we all achieved the award.  I feel so proud to have achieved such an award and owe a huge thanks to my team colleagues for their support.

So back to yesterday, in the morning I attended the Lead on Wales conference that was focusing on the Business Growth Toolkit.  I was not sure what to expect but what an inspiring and powerful line-up of speakers.

David Jones
Managing Director, Princes Gate Water Ltd

James Robinson
Founder and Managing Director, Zeffa

Lisa Marie Brown
Founder Pinkspiration

James Taylor
Managing Director, Super-Stars

Clare Fuller
MD, Promise Corporation

Ceri Mitchell 
Principality Building Society

The main theme these entrepreneurs shared was a complete unwavering faith and passion for what they were doing.  They all had different and fascinating stories on how they started their businesses together their views on business growth.

David Jones – 4C’s

  • Cash Generation
  • Colleagues (know your weaknesses)
  • Climate – Ecological & Economy
  • Culture – Don’t hire Yes Men or Mood Hoovers, hire passionate staff

James Robinson

When asked who his competition was from the bank manager he said – no one! “No one does it how we do it, no one does it for the reasons we do it”.  Don’t stress what your competitors are doing, focus on what you are doing, don’t be a copycat.

James Taylor

“Think Big, Dream Big, Be Different”.

Unfortunately I didn’t get two see the presentations from Clare Fuller & Ceri Mitchell, as we had to leave early for our next engagement.  As I am in the process of my own startup I found the conference so inspiring.

Quick taxi from the Hilton hotel to the train station, trying to not get too wet, we joined the train to London Paddington.  Our CMI regional management team had been invited to a Reception: Celebrating Chartered Managers and the House of Commons Terrace.  Unfortunately not all of us could attend but joining me was Wayne Morris, Carolyn Hayward and Barbara Chidgey.

I have not been to the House of Commons before and I saw this as one of those lifetime opportunities you don’t want to miss.

Upon arriving on at the House of Commons we had to go through security checks, as usual for some reason I set off the alarms.  We passed this stunning sculptures designed for 2012 celebrations.

We were escorted through courtyards, where we saw Cheri Blair in a beautiful outfit; she smiled at us as we were being rushed by.  We were taken through corridors with the most amazing wood paneling, artwork, architecture I couldn’t get over the beauty of this iconic building.

Our reception was held on the terrace so had stunning views of the Thames.

The speeches began with our host: Barry Sheerman MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management.  Followed by CMI’s new Chief Executive, Ann Francke who shared her vision for the coming year, and the importance of the accolade of Chartered Manager.  Stuart Godden (Engineering & Commissioning Director, BAE Systems) and Bryan Davies CCMI, (Managing Director, Williams Lea) talked about the value of Chartered Manager within their organisations.  19 year old Mario King, shared his personal experiences on why he this achieved CMI qualifications have affected his life.

The regional Chartered Manager of the year were awarded, including my dear friend Jonathon Poynor, Director, Venue Operations at the Wales Millennium Centre who was awarded the Chartered Manager of the Year, CMI Cymru.

We also received our Chartered Manager certificates.

It was such an amazing day and one I will treasure.


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  1. I loved reading your story about your day and the lead up to it Andrea. Well done on all your efforts and achievements this past 12 months.

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