The Beginning

I am not a property industry professional but as we all know I love property.  I love looking at property, talking about it, seeking new ideas, designs and sharing it with you.

Buying, letting, renovating, improving property is an emotional decision, a decision that comes from the heart.  It’s that feeling when you walk into somewhere and you know it’s right, a feeling that you can’t describe or explain but that feeling tells you all you need to know.

How Did it Happen?

I had that feeling, the butterflies in my stomach, thoughts swimming around your head and the passion to strive to succeed.

I was reading the book

“Stop Talking, Start Doing” by @Shaawasmund & @richnewton

And it struck me.  Just a small thought at first, but then it starting to trickle, another and another until my head was swarming.  The initial idea was being thought through, brain stormed, bashed out and forming to a workable model I could mold into something great.  It is still a work in progress but instead of wrapping it up in cotton wool I would like to share my journey with you my wonderful and supportive followers.

The Idea!

I want to share the emotional and personal side of the property industry, the stories that are around us everywhere that do not get discovered.

  • Those amazing properties that have a story all of their own.
  • The property buyers and sellers, whose journey is as interesting as they are.
  • The companies
  • The individuals
  • The developers
  • The home improvers

There are so many stories out there.  There are mysteries, romance, horrors and inspiring stories, ones to make you laugh and the ones that make you cry.  I want to find these stories and share them on my new blog:
The Homes we Love
The Personal Side of Property 

The Blog

The Homes we Love, will be a blog on a mission.  Each editorial will focus on one organization, and promote that company in a completely new way.  The editorial will tell the story, whatever that may be, and allow us to connect with the company in a different way.

What do I mean by that?

With twitter we connect with people, people we don’t know but through time and shared thinking we form relationships.  We share information, promote each others workings and we trust each other.  The same can be said for blogs, we read, we share, we comment, we trust, we develop relationships.

I want to visit the companies and the properties, to breathe the story and share it with all of you.

The Beginning

 So I have done it! I have put my idea out there for you all to see.

I have created the blog and but now need to iron out all the details.  My journey is beginning and hope you come along for the ride.


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