Never Stop Dreaming

“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.” Steven Spielberg

This week has been inspiring.  Something seems to be going on in the world where small sparks are alighting and dreams are being made.  I don’t know what is causing it.  Maybe it’s the state of the economy and the strain that it is putting us under? Maybe people in the workplace are just fed-up with the mundane and seeking something better?  Maybe it’s both? Maybe…..?

I really don’t know what the reason is but these gutsy, visionary and amazing people are taking a stand and changing their lives for the better.

I have been talking to a couple of friends this week who are feeling the strain of life, having been there I feel for them greatly.  They have seen me in a bad place and seen the person I have become and want that for themselves.  Its inside them, its inside all of us, its whether we choose to listen to the voices or stay on the sofa eating that delicious bar of chocolate.

Life is a strange thing; it loves to throw major challenges at us to see how we deal with it.  I truly believe things happen for a reason and we may not know why such a thing has happened at the time, but we will at some point in our life.

This has happened to me on so many occasions.  I remember when I had re-taken my A’levels and again my results were not that great – who knew an ‘n’ (nearly passed) was actually a grade.  Well I knew I wanted to work in the arts but had no idea in what capacity.  I went through clearing and a course came up in arts management, and so began my future.  If I had obtained the grades I would probably be in a career really not suited to me.

Yes I am diverting.

So what about these people I have been talking about, who are they? What have they been doing that I so admire?
They have been leaving the comfort of their fulltime jobs, leaving the security of that regular pay cheque, leaving the 9 – 5 world and as the wonderful Becky Robinson (@beckyrbnsn) puts it “transitioning”.

Transitioning into what?

They are transitioning into a dream, a passion.  They may have dreamt of it for years, or they may have had to leap due to a situation, but they have done it.  This brave decision, this amazing leap of faith, this desire for something to change, seems to be all around.  What amazes me is that the country is full of doom and gloom, cuts, business going under by the day.  Yet amidst all this grey and black are flashes of lightning taking a stand and saying – I can succeed, just watch me!

So what is the moral of today.

Never give up on your dreams, people are making theirs happen every day.

To me these people are heroes.

Thank you for inspiring me to dream bigger.



  1. Thanks for encouraging me and I continue to pursue my dream! I pray that you continue to pursue yours also… 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words, really appreciate it

  2. Brilliant. Love it

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