Gadget Show Live 2012

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I headed to the NEC today with mixed feelings, I had been slightly disappointed with the Gadget Show Live last year and hoped that things had changed.  I am not a gamer or an avid technogeek but I do like a gadget or two.  I felt this year there was a fantastic mix of gadgets and things to do.  Together with the large companies you had a great diverse mix of smaller companies introducing you to their wares.

I hoped to get a portable charger for my phone, there was various options but I loved the Pebble from @vehoworld, stylish, small and easy to use – perfect for me.  I also came home with some paper made from stone.  Yes that was not a typo! Parax Paper produce a range of stationary out of stone paper. Ideal for accident prone people like me, you can even throw water over it and it does not affect the paper. I loved their range and it was not at all expensive, I bought a whole bag of goodies for only £10.

The young people were loving the zip line, high rope course, numerous bikes and vehicles, robotic toys, remote control toys and robot wars.

There was a great range of products from garden tables that were also ponds, massage chairs, iphone and tablet covers, speakers of all shapes and size, toasters, cars, cameras, games and even display of technology from the past.  My competitive streak came out as we had a game of air hockey (full sized table) lets just say my game face was on.

The adhoc Doctor Who characters walking around just made me think of @whiskyrich but they didn’t seem to serve a purpose.

We didn’t by tickets to the Super Theatre which hosts a live show, but didn’t feel that our day was incomplete without them.  Towards the end of the day we went to see the Volkswagen Up.  A compact cute car with an amazing breaking system which was demonstrated by asking us to drive towards a wall.

Overall a fantastic day out, full of variety and something for everyone.


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