To Tweet or to not Tweet, that is the question? or is it?

The Tao of Twitter a book by Mark W. Schaefer was recently recommended to me. I recommend it to non-twitter users and twitter users alike.

It has been really interesting over the last few months taking on the role of social media for S.E. Wales region of CMI. You have your avid tweeps (twitter language for a group of people who use twitter) and those that have dabbled, don’t get it and those that say it’s not for them. I am not a social media expert but my journey into the realm of twitter has been an interesting and fruitful one.

Reading this book and working on my chartered manager submission has made me reflect how it has affected me personally and professionally. That sounds quite a bold and strange statement to make about something like – Twitter!

When I joined twitter I had no idea what I was getting into and to be honest how it really worked. I no idea why people would want to follow me and why? I am not that interesting! What I discovered like many do

“People sharing, connecting, teaching, entertaining each other in the moment – from every corner of the world. I had caught a glimpse of something wonderful” Mark W. Schaefer.

I found I was having conversations with like minded people, that we were sharing ideas, giving advice, trusting each other and connecting. We were not trying to sell to each other we were supporting each other. I found myself forming friendships, developing my network of industry professionals and opening opportunities that I never imagined.

On my personal twitter @RightmoveAddict (because I am a serial house mover and love looking at Rightmove) I formed a friendship with Rightmove and other people who also love looking at Rightmove. I have written a blog for Rightmove and Home Truths and I have developed professional relationships that have enhanced my working life.

On @SEWalesCMI I have developed numerous connections that have proved beneficial providing new working partnerships, event speakers and friendships. I have met some wonderful and interesting people who I connected with initially through shared ideas and thinking on twitter.

I think the most important thing about twitter is that you can be as professional as you want, but it’s the human side people connect to. I know that some people say “I am not interested on what you had for dinner” and I can see their point to some degree but it opens a conversation that could lead to something more.

If you haven’t tried twitter or dabbled and unsure what it can do for you, read this book or ask other people about their experiences. I heard it said recently that more and more business is being conducted through Twitter in Wales every day. That is not that people are selling to each other, it means that people are connecting, trusting and developing a working relationship. Let me ask you this, if you were asked if you could recommend someone – would look for someone you could trust, who had a shared vision and that you are connected to.

Twitter to me is a powerful resource, what is it to you?Image


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