Living with RSS (Rightmove Search Syndrome)

My parents have lived in the same house for over 40 years, so growing up I only ever knew our family home.   Over the last 20 I have lived in nearly 30 properties and developed a fantastic disease called RSS.  I can’t remember the first time I saw Rightmove I just remember it always being there. Last year I got an iPhone, I could not control my excitement knowing that I would have Rightmove on tap.  I remember nervously waiting while the loading bar, which seemed to take an eternity, slided along until it said complete.  The butterflies in my stomach as I clicked the logo and it started to load and the total euphoria seeing it there in mobile form.

From that day on my addiction grew, now I didn’t have to wait to get home to load my extremely slow laptop, I could look at my phone and there was the wondrous site.

So what is a typical day as a sufferer of RSS?  Well I wake up and look at properties just to see what’s new on the market.  If I am stood on a street, I will check out the market and have a nosey of their interior choices.  At night I cannot sleep without getting my fix whether it looking for the lottery win home for seeing what the house is like down the road.

Like most sufferers it can be hardest on the family.  My husband arrived home the other night and said “ do you know that house round the corner is on the market”, yes I replied “ for £174,950 and has been on for about 4 weeks”.  His face was one of annoyance, here he was thinking he had come home with exciting property news, which I may not have known, and little miss Rightmove had all the answers.

I know I am not alone, there are many sufferers out there but I liked to believe I have the most terminal form of RSS.  So this is me Mrs. Rightmove Addict allowing you a small insight into my world, so until next time …

This was originally written for the Rightmove Blog


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